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Our Story

We are a couple with two kids, aged 16 and 7, and originate from Vienna, Austria.  After our college graduation, we started working in the hospitality sector and eventually joined the team of a rapidly growing traditional fast-food restaurant chain.  Our knowledge, experience, and passion for good service and customer satisfaction helped the company to expand and even become well-known outside the country's borders.

In 2008 we got the possibility to open the first franchise restaurant of this chain which we owned and operated independently. Putting our priority on ensuring a positive overall customer experience along with treating our employees with dignity and respect helped us create multiple loyal and returning customers. That eventually led us to open 3 more restaurants with almost 60 employees and serving over 1500 meals daily which meant a lot of responsibility, very good management, organization, and building of stable business relationships.

During that time, we didn’t have many opportunities to get away from our business but every time we traveled it was only to visit the beautiful town of Naples. Whenever we managed to be here, we were always impressed by the possibilities and simplicity of life this region offered compared to Europe. We started seeing Naples as an amazing place to raise a family and as a great chance to start and develop a new business. After several years, besides our own house in Winding Cypress, we were able to buy an
investment property which we rented out mostly to short-term and seasonal visitors.

Living overseas, we quickly realized how important it was to have trustworthy and reliable people to help you through the process of guest accommodation and services. We were lucky to get introduced to Amy and Bill from ABECK House watch at that time who always did a great job representing us at the highest level of services when dealing with our guests.

Our business relationship grew bigger and beyond our ordinary schedule.  As we gradually started to get educated about the importance of having knowledgeable and responsible people on our side, we began to get passionate about the home watch business and the opportunity to serve people with the best possible customer commitment, giving them a piece of
mind by taking care of their valuable properties.

After we finally relocated to Naples, we started to serve many of Amy and Bill’s customers as their backups, which we are very thankful and appreciative for, as we could learn so much about this business. Since then, we have been trying to serve our valued clients with utmost accuracy and thoroughness.

Having been on both sides, once as customers ourselves and now serving people, gives us a wide range go opportunities to provide the right solutions to many problems that could arise. And we are so lucky to meet such people as Amy and Bill who are committed to supporting us even after the transition of the business.

During all our work life we have always believed that communication is the key to success, so we want to encourage everyone to let us know about every issue that might emerge. We are very responsive and try to help with everything that we can.
We are very grateful for the business opportunity to take over ABECK House watch and we are looking forward to serving our customers with the same honesty and loyalty as Amy and Bill did. We are not willing to change anything in the business structure and price and would like to offer Handyman services for small projects as well. We would only add rental management services to our portfolio as we believe to have first-hand experience having already dealt with that area of business. We would also be very appreciative of any kind of recommendations as we would like to execute our job on a full-time basis and would have the resources to serve more customers.

We appreciate your business very much and are looking forward to
providing you with the same great services you are used to!

Thomas and Elena

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